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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


When decorating a medical office space blending a professional and comfortable atmosphere can often times prove to be a difficult task. Medical office decor often hits the sterile, lack lustre end of the spectrum and most often fails to provide warmth and comfort for anxious patients.
The good news is that there are some excellent ways of liven up your medical office space with a 'wow' factor all while staying on budget.

PERSONALITY: You have a blank canvas to allow the doctors personality to shine through by way of decor. If she/he is an avid hiker or nature enthusiast, displaying pictures of treks abroad and/or nature scenes, earth tone wall colours and decor accents will typically create a calm and relaxing space.

PAINT: Design experts agree: the least expensive and quickest way to freshen up the look of your space then paint. This low cost solution is relatively non-committal and can create a dynamic transformation for a room. Stick with neutrals tones such as cream, taupe, grey and moss green and avoid pastels and sterile white. By keeping your wall colours neutral allows for you to add bold colors as accents throughout your office, such as around doorways and windows.
If you have a chair rail try painting below the rail a slightly darker color to break up the wal, hide scuff marks and better define a long empty space. Create interest by selecting one wall within the space to be an accent color, possibly behind reception. Keep current with the color trends (not what matches old furniture). As well, paint is relatively inexpensive and should be changed out on a 5 year plan.

WALL ART: A few well-placed pieces of wall art can do so much to enhance a room. Great looking wall art doesn't have to be expensive, and it can be as individual as you are. In addition to online art galleries, which offer signed and numbered prints for as little as $20.00 a piece. Consider commisioning a local artist, photographer or student artist to feature their artwork in your space. This option provides publicity and support for local artists, but is an inexpensive way for you to keep your walls current and ever changing. Its a win-win situation.

PLANTS: The key ingredient to awaken  a space is live plants and fresh cut flowers. Live plants bring the outdoors in, they can be changed frequently, and are relatively inexpensive in regards to other design products.

OTHER TIPS: Don't hesitate to decorate a doctors individual office with framed diplomas, certifications, awards and other forms of medical recognition and achievement. It is a powerful way for doctors to win trust and respect of patients. Also a similar method for building trust and establishing persoanl connections is to display family photographs, holiday cards, thank you notes or other forms of communication that have come from patients.

Last but not least, the health of patients is imperative! This is top priority for anyone decorating a medical or health care facility. Because waiting areas are the perfect breeding ground for germs, make sure you select fabrics and surfaces that can be easily sanitized and frequently cleaned.


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